How to Apply

The application form saves your progress, so don’t worry about completing it in one sitting!

What’s on an application to The IU ? Below, we’ve laid out all of the questions on the application so that you know what to expect when you go to fill it out online. Items with an asterisk are required. The application form saves your progress, so don’t worry about completing it in one sitting!



Complete Application Form

Tell us a little about yourself and we’ll help with the rest. Our convenient online application tool only takes 10 minutes to complete.


Confirmation of Application

Once you have submitted your application, QRC will acknowledge receipt of your application by phone or email within two working days.


Application Review

QRC will review your application to confirm you meet our requirements. If so, you will then be asked to complete an interview as part of the review process.


Application Interview

Interviews are usually completed over the video call with a member of the Academic Team. The purpose of the interview is to get to know you better, hear about your future plans, understand why you are interested in the course, any particular papers you like and your understanding of the program.


Payment of Fees

Caplora will issue an invoice for the balance of your first year tuition fees, due prior to the commencement date. On payment of this invoice you will be issued with a receipt of payment.


Undergraduate Entry Requirements:

The entry requirements for candidates with IGCSE only

  • no admission possible with GCSE O-levels / IGSCE only.

Caplora School offers Cambridge International A-Level courses  Candidates with GCSE O-Levels or IGSCE will be able then to compensate the deficit of lacking A-levels and book A-Level courses before starting a Bachelor study programme with us.

2. The entry requirements for candidates with IGCSE +A-Level

For direct admission @IU a minimum of three independent and general A-Levels at grade C combination is required: 2 subjects must come from the specific fields of language, history, science, social science, economy, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, computer science .  1 additional subject is free of choice (can also be from the field of arts & music, philosophy, physical education, psychology or religious studies).

The entry requirements for candidates with IGCSE + BTEC:

  • BTEC must have been studied at least on Level 3
  1. The entryrequirementsfor candidates with IGCSE+ International Baccalaureate (IB) qualifications:
  • For direct entry @IU an overall of six subject and grad combination is required: 2 languages, science, mathematics, social science,  subject free of choice, all subjects minimum grade IB 4. The candidate must obtain the award of the IB Diploma at a specific overall grade (24 points) and achieve at least three HL subjects


The standard school leaving qualification from Kenya is the Kenya Certificate of Senior Education (KCSE). Holders of KCSE:

  • with a minimum overall grade C+ are eligible @IU for entry via the Bachelor Entrance Examination – the applicant will need to take 2 courses (a part from the bachelor programme) and pass the exam. After that they will have access to the full programme
  • with a minimum overall grade C and an additional awarded 3 year’s university diploma / 3 year’s university certificate are eligible @IU for entry



Masters Requirements:


Completed Undergraduate Degree

One Year of Work Experience

  • Degree certificate
  •  Transcripts
  • • CV
    • ID
    • Proof of English
    • Proof of work experience


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