Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology



At Caplora International College, you can study the degree either online or on campus. With a BSc in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, you’ll be positioned to create sustainable success for stakeholders in the business, as you will equipped to understand customer purchasing behaviors, brand loyalty, employee motivation and human psychology.

Program Learning Outcomes

Career Opportunities

With a degree in BSc. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, you will be able to influence how businesses communicate with potential customers and gain knowledge of how different psychological aspects affect stakeholder relationships within companies. You will be well rounded, making you suitable for positions as Team Manager, Recruiting/Relationship Manager, Trainer, Personnel Developer, Organization Designer, Consultant, Strategy Advisor or as a Change Manager.


With a degree in BSc. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, the graduate is assured of an exciting and fulfilling career in diverse fields.

Knowledge acquired in the I.O.P program is instrumental in helping the Personnel & Organizational Developer prepare staff for major change processes in firms by organizing training and seminars, and in restructuring efforts through mediation and individual coaching sessions.

Knowledge acquired in the I.O.P program is also instrumental in helping the Change Management Consultant support in corporate realignment efforts, adapt to change and develop new forms of cooperation, in order to ensure corporate success.

Knowledge acquired in the I.O.P program is also instrumental in empowering the Recruiting Manager search for new talent effectively, and keep up to date with trends in the labor market. This may involve actively seeking out talent through social media channels and online job exchanges.

Semester 1CreditsNumber
Psychology5I.O.P 101
Collaborative Work5I.O.P 102
Introduction to Academic Work5I.O.P 103
Business Psychology5I.O.P 104
Business 1015I.O.P 105
Project: Industrial and Organizational Psychology in Practice5I.O.P 106
Semester 2CreditsNumber
Social Psychology5I.O.P 107
Marketing5I.O.P 108
Personality and Differential Psychology5I.O.P 109
Statistics5I.O.P 110
Occupational and Organizational Psychology5I.O.P 111
Project: Organizational Development5I.O.P 112
Semester 3CreditsNumber
Personnel Psychology5I.O.P 201
Intercultural Psychology5I.O.P 202
Psychological Diagnostics5I.O.P 203
Conflict Management and Mediation5I.O.P 204
Research Methodology and Data Analysis5I.O.P 205
Project: Communication for Practical Problem Solving5I.O.P 206
Semester 4CreditsNumber
Leadership 4.05I.O.P 207
Intercultural and Ethical Decision-Making5I.O.P 208
Consumer Behavior5I.O.P 209
International Labor Law5I.O.P 210
Entrepreneurship and Innovation5I.O.P 211
Agile Project Management5I.O.P 212
Semester 5CreditsNumber
Principles of Management5I.O.P 301

Psychology of Management

5I.O.P 302
Project: Digital Business Models5I.O.P 303
Current Topics in Industrial and Organizational Psychology5I.O.P 304
Electives A10 
Semester 6CreditsNumber
Electives B10 
Electives C10 
Bachelor Thesis10 
Total for the entire period of study180 
Electives ACreditsNumber
HR Management10 
Organizational Development and Change Management10 
Markets and Advertising10 

**You can choose between one of the following specialization tracks:

  • Psychology of Personnel Selection and Analysis
  • Organizational Development and Digital Change
  • Market Research and Consumer Psychology
Electives BCreditsNumber
Digital HR and Personnel Assesment10 
Global Organizational Development and Change Management10 
Digital Market and Consumer Psychology10 
Electives C Credits Number
Agumented, Mixed and Virtual Reality Applied Sales 10
Corporate Communications and PR 10
Event Management 10
Financial Services Management 10
Foreign Language 10
Innovative Technologies and Sustainability 10
International Marketing and Branding 10
IT Management 10
Negotiation 10
Online and Social Media Marketing 10
Talent Management & HR Development 10

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