Bachelor in Robotics



At Caplora International College, you can study the degree either online or on campus. With a degree in Robotics, you will be prepared to take on tasks that are dependent on robotic technology such as: mobility, healthcare, agriculture and in supply chains.  The trend is that robots are creating faster, more efficient ways to design, construct, monitor, inspect and transport with precision and agility.

Program Learning Outcomes

Career Opportunities

With a degree in Bachelor in Robotics, the student is empowered to perform in varied roles worldwide, such as automation technology within aerospace; in the chemical and automotive industry; in mechanical and plant engineering or in logistics.


With a degree in Bachelor in Robotics, the graduate is assured of an exciting and fulfilling career in diverse fields.

Knowledge acquired in the Robotics program is instrumental in helping the Robotics Engineer design machines and system components, develop robotic applications and software solutions. He is also responsible for the simulation and optimization of robots and the development & support of test applications for robotics.

Knowledge acquired in the Robotics program is also instrumental in helping the Project Lead Robotics ensure smooth operations of robotics projects. He is in charge of creating schedules and of communication with customers, suppliers and partners. 

Knowledge acquired in the Robotics program is also instrumental in empowering the Automation Engineer optimize control and regulation processes in large plants, develop solutions for automation and drive processes, be involved in product development through automated tests, and carry out quality control.

Semester 1CreditsNumber
Introduction to Robotics5R 101
Introduction to Academic Work5R 102
Mathematics II  5R 103
Scientific and Technical Fundamentals  5R 104
Mathematics: Linear Algebra5R 105
Technical Drawing5R 106
Semester 2CreditsNumber
Production Engineering5R 107
Introduction to Programming with Python5R 108
Mathematics: Analysis5R 109
Mechanics – Statics5R 110
Electrical Engineering5R 111
Project: Design with CAD5R 112
Semester 3CreditsNumber
Sensor Technology5R 201
Signals and Systems5R 202
Mechanics – Kinematics5R 203
Mechanics – Dynamics5R 204
Collaborative Work5R 205
Programming with C/C++5R 206
Semester 4CreditsNumber
Mechatronic Systems5R 207
Control Systems Engineering5R 208
Project: Modelling and Simulation of Robots   5R 209
Project: Introduction to Robot Control5R  210
Embedded Systems5R 211
Project: Robotics5R 212
Semester 5CreditsNumber
Seminar: Human-Robot Interaction5R 301

Project: Applied Robotics with Robotic Platforms

5R 302
Seminar: Robots and Society  5R 303
Safety of Industrial Plants and Machines5R 304
Electives A10 
Semester 6CreditsNumber
Electives B10 
Electives C10 
Bachelor Thesis and Colloquium 10 
Total for the entire period of study180 
Elective A Credits Number
Introduction to Cognitive Robotics 10
Industrial Robotics and Automation 10
Service Robotics 10
Elective B Credits Number
Introduction to Cognitive Robotics 10
Industrial Robotics and Automation 10
Service Robotics 10
AI Specialist 10
Autonomous Driving 10
Data Science and Deep Learning 10
Python for Software Engineering 10
IT Security 10
Mobile Software Engineering 10
Foreign Language Italian 10
Foreign Language French 10
German Language 10
Foreign Language Spanish 10
Elective CCreditsNumber
Introduction to Cognitive Robotics10 
Industrial Robotics and Automation10 
Service Robotics10 
AI Specialist10 
Autonomous Driving10 
Data Science and Deep Learning10 
Python for Software Engineering10 
IT Security10 
Mobile Software Engineering10 
Foreign Language Italian10 
Foreign Language French10 
German Language10 
Foreign Language Spanish10 
Studium Generale10 

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