Bachelor in Industrial Engineering and Management



At Caplora International College, you can study the degree either online or on campus. With a degree in I.E.M, you will be equipped with IT expertise necessary for operating smart technologies in manufacturing plants and supply chains across the globe. There is a huge demand for qualified engineers who are specialized in ‘Industry 4.0’ and related fields.

Program Learning Outcomes

Career Opportunities

At Caplora International College, you can study the degree either online or on campus. With an I.E.M degree, you’ll be familiar with features and applications for smart devices, smart technologies and smart mobility and use them to create, innovate and disrupt industries. You’ll gain experience with digital twins and similar technologies, and apply theory and experimental kits, digital models in the virtual environment.

The graduate with an I.E.M degree will be qualified to enter positions at the heart of digitalization and at the interface of different industries.


With an I.E.M degree, the graduate is empowered to perform in diverse fields.

Knowledge acquired in the I.E.M degree program is instrumental in helping the Solutions Architect manage and oversee the system’s design for efficiency, reliability and safety, with the view to managing the increasing number of machines and products connected in real time in the digital age.

Knowledge acquired in the I.E.M degree program is instrumental for the Software Engineer in Industry 4.0  to plan, create, manage and distribute software systems. He is responsible for the operation and maintenance of products and for quality assurance. He is also in charge of carrying out system tests, evaluate the results and document them, using knowledge to improve existing systems or create new ones.

Knowledge acquired in the I.E.M degree program is instrumental for the Data Scientist to structure large amounts of data, compile useful information in order to identify relationships between data sets, and carry out analyses to identify relationships and opportunities for productivity and efficiency.

Semester 1CreditsNumber
Business 1015I.E.M 101
Introduction to Academic Work5I.E.M 102
Collaborative Work5I.E.M 103
Introduction to the Internet of Things5I.E.M 104
Scientific and Technical Fundamentals5I.E.M  105
Mathematics II5I.E.M 106
Semester 2CreditsNumber
Introduction to Robotics5I.E.M 107
International Marketing5I.E.M 108
Managerial Economics5I.E.M 109
Electrical Engineering5I.E.M 110
Electrical Engineering5I.E.M 111
Sensor Technology5I.E.M 112
Semester 3CreditsNumber
Management Accounting5I.E.M 201
Management Accounting5I.E.M 202
Technical Drawing5I.E.M 203
Corporate Finance and Investment5I.E.M 204
Supply Chain Management I5I.E.M 205
Mechatronic Systems5I.E.M 206
Semester 4CreditsNumber
Entrepreneurship and Innovation5I.E.M 207
Project: Design Thinking5I.E.M 208
Data Analytics and Big Data5I.E.M 209
Seminar: Human-Robot Interaction5I.E.M 210
Agile Project Management5I.E.M 211
Intercultural and Ethical Decision-Making5I.E.M 212
Semester 5CreditsNumber
Product Development in Industry 4.05I.E.M 301
Project: Smart Product Solutions5I.E.M 302
Semester 6CreditsNumber
Digital Business Models5 
Principles of Management5 
Bachelor Thesis5 
Total for the entire period of study180 
Elective A Credits Number
Smart Devices 10
Smart Factory 10
Smart Mobility 10
Smart Services 10
Service Robotics 10
Introduction to Cognitive Robotics 10
Programming of Robotic Systems 10
Autonomous Driving 10
Applied Sales 10
Applied Robotics 10
Control Engineering 10
Microcontroller 10
Object-oriented Programming 10
Electives B Credits Number
Practice Project: Industrial Engineering 4.0 10
Project: Hackathon 10
Elective CCreditsNumber
Smart Devices10 
Smart Factory10 
Smart Mobility10 
Smart Services10 
Service Robotics10 
Introduction to Cognitive Robotics10 
Programming of Robotic Systems10 
Autonomous Driving10 
Applied Sales10 
Applied Robotics10 
Control Engineering10 
Object-oriented Programming10 
Studium Generale10 

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