Bachelor in Aviation Management



At Caplora International College, you can study the degree either online or on campus. With a degree in A.M, you will prepared to take on the highly competitive industry: aviation, a giant, multi billion complex.

You will learn about business administration and specialize in basics of aviation, allowing you to combine your managerial and entrepreneurial skills with real world use cases, setting you up for success upon graduation.

Program Learning Outcomes

Career Opportunities

At Caplora International College, you can study the degree either online or on campus. With a degree in A.M, you’ll be better prepared to take on roles in the aviation industry like in airlines, air cargo companies, airports or aircraft or in component manufacturers. One can also work for the aviation regulatory bodies.


With a degree in Bachelors in Aviation Management, the graduate is empowered to perform in diverse fields in the evolving aviation industry. 

Knowledge acquired in the A.M program is instrumental in helping the Airline/Air Cargo Flight Operations Manager ensure proper terminal operations, oversee staff, ensure adherence to protocol and budget. He is also responsible for interactions with customers, airline/air cargo firms and employees, giving him a chance to develop management and conflict resolution skills. 

Knowledge acquired in the A.M program is instrumental for the Ground Operations Manager lead teams, set priorities for ramp, fleet, customer service and baggage operations, develop strategies and work processes to meet operational benchmarks.  This makes them a vital element in the smooth running of flights.

Knowledge acquired in the A.M program is instrumental for the Network Manager set up and maintain flight schedules, design route networks for profitability and efficiency. This requires one to stay up to date with international developments, and identify developing market potential in advance, remove unsuccessful flight connections and ensure a profitable network portfolio for employers.

Semester 1CreditsNumber
Academic Integrity and Writing for Business5A.M 101
Introduction to Academic Work 5A.M 102
Introduction to Aviation Management5A.M 103
Business 1015A.M 104
Modern Aviation Transport Modes5A.M 105
Managerial Economics5A.M 106
Semester 2CreditsNumber
Principles of Management5A.M 107
Collaborative Work5A.M 108
Aviation Policy, Institutions and Regulations5A.M 109
Management Accounting5A.M 110
Aircraft Performance and Evaluation5A.M 111
Organizational Behavior5A.M 112
Semester 3CreditsNumber
Airport Management and Ground Services5A.M 201
Corporate Finance and Investment 5A.M 202
Digital Skills5A.M 203
International Marketing5A.M 204
Airline and Air Cargo Management5A.M 205
Statistics – Probability and Descriptive Statistics5A.M 206
Semester 4CreditsNumber
Global Sourcing5A.M 207
International Contract Management5A.M 208
Aviation Business Intelligence5A.M 209
Agile Project Management5A.M 210
Network Planning and Yield Management5A.M 211
Global Corporations and Globalization5A.M 212
Semester 5CreditsNumber
Digital Business Models5A.M 301
Seminar: Current Issues in Aviation Management5A.M 302
Simulation: Airline Management5A.M 303
Intercultural and Ethical Decision-Making5A.M 304
Elective A10 
Semester 6 Credits Number
Elective B 10
Elective C 10
Bachelor Thesis 10
Total for the entire period of study 180
Elective A+B Credits Number
Sustainability and Environment in Aviation 10
Innovation and Digitalization in Aviation 10
Urban Air Mobility 10
Aviation Entrepreneurship 10
Human Factors and Safety Management in Aviation 10
Elective CCreditsNumber
Sustainability and Environment in Aviation10 
Innovation and Digitalization in Aviation10 
Urban Air Mobility10 
Aviation Entrepreneurship10 
Human Factors and Safety Management in Aviation10 
Digital Product Development10 
Online and Social Media Marketing10 
Big Data and Data Protection10 
Applied Sales10 
Innovative Technologies and Sustainability10 
Organizational Development and Change Management10 
Managing People and Fundamentals of Business Psychology10 
Supply Chain Management10 
Business Intelligence10 
Working environment 4.010 
Business Ethics and Sustainability10 
International Brand Management and Corporate Communication10 
Intercultural Psychology and CRM10 

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